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We have started again in July, after being closed during the pandemic. We have a slightly reduced schedule, and reservations are now necessary. See page This Month and Next for full details
See page This month and next for August and September. October will be very similar to September
Please reserve by 10pm the day before the tour. If we already have some reservations it will be possible to reserve on the day of the tour. We will acknowledge your reservation.
Price: Adults 25€. (Children under 15 = 10€, students under 21 = 15€)  Tours last about 2 hours. We meet at metro stations above ground at street level, guides wear Paris Walks badges. Please bring your anti-covid vaccination certificate.
Private tours can be arranged (walks and museum visits)
August and September Programme - for full programme see page: This month and next
The French Revolution, 10.30 am. In the historic Latin Quarter, see where the revolutionaries lived and met, the oldest café in Paris, and the hall where Danton and the radical Cordeliers' club held their debates. On this lively tour you will understand the background to the chilling stories: Dr Guillotin’s sinister 'razor', Marat stabbed in his bath by Charlotte Corday.
Meet at metro Odeon, at the statue of Danton (exit 1)

The Marais Circuit 1, 10.30 am. This is the most unspoilt historic quarter in Paris. Beautiful architecture from picturesque medieval streets to splendid classical mansions, and the lovely royal square, the place des Vosges. On circuit, 1 we explore the South side of the Marais, we look at architecture, history, some Jewish history, the wall of the Righteous, hear stories of the celebrated inhabitants such as Victor Hugo and Mme de Sevigné, famous for her witty letters.
Meet at metro St Paul

EVERY WEDNESDAY (not in August)
The Village of Montmartre, 10.30 am. On this picturesque walk you will discover old winding streets, the vineyard, artists' studios (Renoir, Lautrec, Van Gogh) quiet gardens, historic cabarets, the old windmill, place-du-Tertre with its artists and portrait sketchers, the Sacré Coeur Basilica and a stunning view over the city.
Meet at metro Abbesses (use the elevator, the station is deep!)
There is always an extra tour on Wednesday afternoon. See full programme for details.(not August)

Paris during the Occupation and Liberation 10.30am On this walk in the area of the Tuileries gardens, place Vendome, Concorde and Champs Elysées, hear how the Parisians survived the dark years of the Occupation from 1940-44 with stories of daily life, the Gestapo, the plight of the Jews, the Resistance and the Liberation.
Meet at metro Tuileries
There is often a small group Orsay tour on Thursdays at 4pm price 66€ per person including entrance tickets. (Up to 6 people)
(Not August)
Hemingway's Paris 10.30 am. Explore the charm of the Latin Quarter with the old houses and courtyardsof the Mouffetard market street, the medieval city wall, and the superb historic church of St Etienne-du-Mont. It is associated with many writers: Joyce, Orwell, Balzac, Hugo, and immortalised by Hemingway in A Moveable Feast and in Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris.
Meet at metro Cardinal Lemoine (exit 1)
There is usually a small group Louvre tour on Fridays at 2pm price 67€ per person including entrance tickets. (Up to 6 people)
(Not August)

The Marais Circuit 1, 10.30 am. See Tuesday above. Meet at metro Saint Paul (not August)

The Village of Montmartre, 10.30 am. See Wednesday above. Meet at metro Abbesses. (use elevator)
There is always an extra tour on Sunday afternoon. See full programme for details. (not August)
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